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With more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Raquel promotes fundamentally the benefits of technology in companies and excellence in the relationship with customers.


It is important to highlight Raquel's strategic vision in the new technologies' market, her leadership and her team management style, based on the professional development of the people and taking that something special that we all have, but that we usually only make available if the situation calls for it.

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As an executive woman in a field as relevant today as the ICTs, it is my commitment to help young women to make a career in the technological sector. We have to enhance the role of the women who have made a career in this sector, so that the new generation can take them as a reference.

Telling their stories and sharing their experiences will hopefully encourage the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs.

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Commitment to the Industry of Customer Relation’s Centers (Contact Centers)

Actively involved in the professionalization and expansion of this industry since the beginning of her carreer, Rachel has dedicated herself to different activities related to banking, insurance, telecommunication operators, public administration as well as associations and organizations related to the sector, making visible the importance of these departments within the companies, and the working cost-benefit binomial based on a good use of technology, highlighting the people behind them.

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Social commitment for generating jobs

As a way to return to Society as much as it has given her, engaging in social projects has always been important to Rachel. Alongside her leadership and executive responsibilities, Rachel has been able to participate in several relevant projects, one of the most important being the Disc@tel Project, created in 2006 by the Teleworking Group of AEERC (Asociación Española de Expertos en la Relación con el Cliente). 

As the Internet and new technologies have facilitated teleworking, they also contributed for the integration of physically handicapped people into new jobs. With this project, Contact Centers, being intensive on recruiting, represent an industry that has opened the doors to this group.

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Social commitment

Generating confidence and encouraging the people behind the customer relation’s centers of companies, which, helped by technology, are a very important link in the client-company relationship. The Fortius Awards (Premios Fortius) are an example, which confirm this reality.